If you are living in a Single Family Home, Duplex or Three Family Building, it is your responsibility to maintain the property.

It is a requirement that you signed in your rental agreement and a city ordinance. If you are the only resident in a property you are responsible to shovel ALL the walks and cut ALL the grass.

Maintaining these areas is very important for your health, safety and enjoyment. You must keep the SIDEWALKS and GARBAGE CARTS SHOVELED and garbage picked up on a regular basis.

Many municipalities will post a notice on the property. IF we are notified by the City of Milwaukee or any other government agency that your walks need attention we will notify you. However, most notices are only posted on the property door and it is your responsibility to complete the task even if you have not been notified by Devoe Realty. Many of these notices give you ONLY 24 HOURS to complete! When the 24 hours is up, the city will fine each resident $120 plus and order a city contractor to take care of the problem. City contractor fees start at $150 per walk and go up, you be billed for your portion! If Devoe Realty has to take care of the problem our fees start at $35 per hour for which you will be billed! You have 24 hours from the time the snow stops falling to shovel the walks.

Please work with other residents and neighbors to help keep your place LOOKING GREAT AND KEEPING IT SAFE.